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Business Procurement

Business Procurement is the process of purchasing Goods, Services & Resources for a business. This will include:

The process of inviting potential business suppliers to assess a full detailed Requirements Document and Submit the Bid. The BRD will enclose the Value and Duration period, Services required, Quality Requirements and Contract terms.

Involves confirming contract compliance, acting as the primary contract for issues related to service and dispute resolution, as well as managing any payments or clauses negotiated into the contract. However main focus will be initially tendering and writing of the contract, vendor management will be the only method Sync World Ltd will use to ensure that the client obtains the expected savings.

The process of planned purchasing, similar commonalities will be packaged together and can be put out to tender, enabling other suppliers the opportunity to provide these goods and services.

  • Working closely with our clients, Outsourcing third party clients that will meet your business needs.
  • We tailor all business requirements by proposing and creating a unique and cost effective service.
  • We help our clients Research, Liaise and Negotiate to provide the right resources to meet each business need at competitive fees whilst maintaining excellence through sourcing services and other indirect categories that are unique, such as contract manufacturing, contract research (CRO), Marketing services, Web services and Equipment and Supplies. Or direct materials specific to an industry, packaging materials for food companies, and factories for clothing companies.
  • Sync World helps clients to address all sources of value creation model “ People, Processes, Technology and Sourcing” to help procurement achieve high performance and tangible results.

About Us

We act as an intermediary between parties, we specialise in following areas:

Business & Management Consultancy, Business Procurement, Outsourcing Advisory, Project Management & Recruitment.

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